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Sales Tax Solutions is a professional California sales tax consulting firm that offers a variety of different sales tax services, including sales tax audit representation. We are specialists in the area of California sales and use taxes. This website has been designed to provide you with a profile of our firm and services, and also serve as a helpful resource tool to our valued clients and visitors. With our dedication to superior client service, we endeavor to continue to provide the highest quality professional sales tax service and guidance.

At Sales Tax Solutions, we represent and defend the rights and interests of any business facing California sales and use tax issues, including sales tax audits.

We represent sales and use tax clients throughout California across a wide variety of industries, and we are committed to helping you understand how sales and use taxes apply to your business. We can also help you plan and discover new opportunities. Over many years, we have represented hundreds of clients involved in tax audit controversy cases and we know how to critically review sales and use tax audits to achieve the maximum reduction possible.

We also conduct in-house sales tax seminars tailored to your company´s unique sales and use tax issues and opportunities. We have conducted reverse audits and successfully obtained large tax refunds for companies that have over-accrued use tax.

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Restaurants, Bars, and other Cash Businesses – Beware!

By admin

Restaurant Mark-up Audits

The BOE has been focusing heavily on Restaurant audits as they have shown to be a significant source of additional revenue in a sales tax audit.

One of the common procedures used by auditors in these audits is the mark-up audit. This method is used when auditors suspect reported sales are understated. Initially, an analysis is made comparing the cost of sales with the reported sales. If the food and bar mark-up percentages are too low (which they believe to be less than 250-300% for food and 320-350% for bar) they proceed to what is called a “shelf test.” The name comes from the idea that the selling price on “the shelf” (think of a market) is compared to the cost to establish a mark-up.

In the shelf test process, auditors pick a selection of food and drinks sold and compare the cost price with the sale price on the menu. This shelf test is normally performed using current costs and current sale prices.  A

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June 28, 2014 |

Big Changes Proposed for Asphalt & Paving Contractors

By admin

Senate Bill 1373 – Tax Burden on Contractors

A new proposed bill could substantially increase the sales/use tax burden on certain contractors.

Senate Bill 1373 primarily targets asphalt and cement paving contractors, but as drafted, it could also affect stucco contractors who mix aggregate, sand, cement, and water to make stucco, or small concrete businesses that rent portable concrete mixers to lay patios.

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August 20, 2012 |